Key Responsibilities of Authorities In Enforcing Binary Options Regulation

Binary option, in the finance sector, literally means a kind of option in which the induced money is either cash or asset or nonentity. There are primarily two imperative types of binary options. One of the binary options is cash-or-nothing which executes the payment of a preset amount of money if the alternative terminates in the money.

Binary options regulation

Another binary option is asset-or-nothing which incorporates payment of the rate of the underlying safety. These options are named binary because there are two possible conclusions only. Some different names applied for the binary options are fixed return options, digital options and all-or-nothing options. Binary options regulation is carried out in order to ensure sustainable use of the binary options rights.

Reasonsbehind the requirement of regulation

Binary options are deemed to be another appearance of gambling as combated to the correct financial instrument. It has been certified by the dealers as the ‘wild west’ of investment in the financial market. Mulling over the flimsy nature of the banking and financial sector of any nation, this binary option is an agonized fact. Furthermore, binary options need to conform to bare minimum number of rules and laws. To resolve these steadfast predicaments, the financial market is embracing stringent and inflexible guidelines concerning binary options offered by the institutions, established by the influential countries, called regulatory authorities.

Purpose of regulatory authorities

The chief regulatory authorities that check the binary options regulation are CommodityFeatures Trading Commission (CFTC) in USA, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Europe, Financial Service Authority (FSA) in the UK, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia, Dubai International Financial Centre in Arab and Federal Financial Market Services in Russia. These authorities play the following underlying roles in the financial economy of the referred countries:

  1. Protection of traders from fraudulent brokers.
  2. Eradication of scams and illegal activities in commodity trading.
  3. Provision of assistance in constructing an unwavering, consistent and transparent economy.
  4. Empowerment of authority in safeguarding the interests of common people from unscrupulous pursuits.
  5. Enactment of diverse kinds of Acts to offer severe security to the investors.


The regulatory authorities also assess the various operations of the brokers and pose binary option regulation in the aspect of money laundering. The trustworthiness and veracity of all information are verified before furnishing to public. This information comprises of advertisements, promotional materials and financial reports.All monetary transactions are corroborated by the binary options regulation board such that it gets accomplished candidly and within stipulated time. The provision of unsurpassed operating practices is promoted by these authorities in concurrence with the sector of fiscal services.


Binary option regulatory authorities are undoubtedly the preeminent operating entities which guarantee the all-round safety and extend utmost sanctuary to the universal mass of people. Registered brokers are the safest alternative concerning the venturing of money in financial economics.

The brokers are compelled to oblige the set of laws and policies set by the binary options regulation commission in the process of handling clients and their resources. In a nutshell, the binary options regulatory authorities assist in the lucid progress of the monetary market in the conservation of public shelter which sponsor profound encouragement in investments and perk up the economy of the countries.

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